• Comprehensive advice and planning. Tax analysis tailored to the needs of each company.
  • Taxing impact forecast.
  • National, provincial and local tax return. Fainéant production.  Read More

Accounting and Audits

  • General accounting with data processing in our own facilities or in the company itself.
  • Monthly internal audits. Annual operative audits with previous report of the internal regulation Read More

Labor and Retirement

  • Comprehensive advice and planning in workplaces, retirements and workplace accidents.
  • Tax return for salaries and wages. Receipts of property, special Book of salaries Read More


  • Creation, modification and adequacy of societies, civil associations and foundations.
  • Election of the type of partnership according to the partners’ proposal and considering the tax impact both for the partnership and Read More

Business Development

  • Advise on implementation or transformation of administrative systems and internal regulation of the company.
  • Management control, loss and profit account, balance sheet and cash flow Read More

International Trade

  • Settling of international companies and branches in Argentina
  • Advise on importation and exportation.
  • Off-shore business.
  • International trade regulation. Read More

About Us

Estudio Varese has its beginnings in 1960 when it begins to perform work and labor tax advice to small traders and industrialists of the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires, close to your current address. As of March 1969 is installed on Av Santa Fe 1878, Martínez and consolidates its expansion with SME customers greater Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires.
Its current partners, sons of the founder, graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Buenos Aires, in the Race of Certified Public Accountants, were incorporated into projects, knowledge and structure to achieve a comprehensive advice on any matter relating to the company.

Today consolidated in the community and committed to the profession, we continue working with the slogans of the early professionalism, ethics and honesty to serve our customers, considering the ongoing training of our professionals and updating of the technical means to improve the benefits can provide.


Av.Santa Fé 1878 1°P
C.P. 1640 Martínez
Buenos Aires – Argentina

+54 11.4793.2001

Attention Schedule:
Monday to Friday 9 to 18 hs